The next step forward in marketing is mobile. Smartphone penetration is on a vertiginous incline as more and more people are using smartphones to communicate, browse the internet, search & organize information and much more.
Agile businesses in all sectors, including travel & tourism, are using this medium to market their brand, get in touch with customers and push their content in front of more user segments. Developing a mobile app for your business or organization is one of the most effective ways of tapping into this new technology.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a smartphone application that enables users to use their smartphones to get a desired goal, such as retrieve particular information, interact with other users, review a service, find a location on a map and much more. When a business develops its own mobile app it is practically building presence in the mobile media in as much as developing a website would allow it to build presence in the online media. It is also an innovative platform where your business can market its products and services & ultimately add value to the user by having your information or services available on their mobile device.

Another powerful marketing tool available in a mobile app is the facility to send ‘push notifications’. These are messages you can send to users of your app directly to their mobile device even if the app is closed. This of course is particularly useful for sending promotional messages such as special offers or new product launches.